A lookbook with the meaning of oggitt 2023 Q3 contradiction was released at 29CM.
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Contradiction - Paradox

It doesn't make sense, but what I feel when it makes sense.

We've thought about the contradictions that are hidden around us.
We breathe with oxygen and sustain life, but on the contrary, we've come up with the contradiction of aging and death due to the act of breathing using oxygen.
Oxygen participates in breathing and energy absorption processes, allowing humans to sustain life.
But we try to control the action of oxygen on our bodies, called antioxidant.
Oxygen is a major factor that oxidizes (and ages) the body, such as skin and organs, and eventually death is the last thing in aging.
If we can use the energy we need for metabolism without oxygen, we don't need antioxidants, and we won't get old.
So is oxygen good or bad?Is it life or death?A contradictory situation, both winning and neither.
If there is no oxygen at all, we cannot breathe and suffocate, so as long as we breathe oxygen, we are destined to die from oxidation (aging) as long as we breathe oxygen.

We thought there would be a lot of similar contradictions around us.
Incompatible but coexisting things.Things you need but don't need.Light and darkness.Day and night. Hot and cold. Waking and sleeping.And so on.
Thinking about this contradiction this season, I made a lookbook and melted it into the product.
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